A new way for web hosting linked from 210IT

210IT is now a partner with ORSERVER We are now able to do just about everything for you.

There is no need to go with another company for your hosting and another one for the design. We will provide the hosting, the design, and maintenance; this will allow you more time to focus on your business.

Client Dashboard

We will offer you an account in which you can consult the contracted web services, sent and outstanding invoices, enable new services, buy new domains, and many more.

Say goodbye to slow website!

The mayority of hosting services have millions of sites overloading their servers causing a slow-loading website. We have a limited number of slots per server which will result in better quality service for our clients.

Private Hosting Provider

ORSERVER hosts websites made by established design agencies so as to avoid fradulent sites or not well developed ones. Having these type of sites on the server affects eficiency. We can guarantee our clientes a more secure and effective hosting.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Many hosting providers on the market mention that their services are “unlimited”. In reality, the bandwidth is reduced after the user has reached the designated band the hosting has deamed as fair.

Control Panel (Cpanel)

We have the most acclaimed administrative hosting panel, in which you will see services like email administration, advanced options to administer websites, user and visitor statistics and many more.